February 4, 2009

SHORTS! Audition Notice

Auditions will be held on February 14, from 9am – 12pm in COM 128 (the Main Theatre and Studio Theatre will also be used for callbacks). SHORTS! is a one-act play festival to be performed as part of Regent University’s studio theatre season on April 3-5, 2009. SHORTS! will consist of six one-act plays, all directed by MFA directing students as the culminating experience for THE 723 – Advanced Directing. The festival titles are designed to provide unique opportunities for MA and BA casting, as well as expose students and audience members alike to material beyond our mainstage season selections. Rehearsals are scheduled to begin March 9, from 5-7pm, but all directors are expected to have some flexibility in scheduling. Auditions will consist of prepared readings of the actors’ choosing from one of the six plays, immediately followed by callbacks. The entire audition will conclude promptly by noon. Selected sides and a sign-up list will be available from Diane Clark’s office (COM 221) beginning February 9. Please sign up for the earliest slots first. The final titles and synopses under consideration are below. There are casting opportunities for approximately 27 women and 11 men.

Play Synopses:
-ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN ON FIESTA DAY by Eva Sutter (1 M, 1 W, 2 - 3 flexible). During the cafeteria’s Spanish-themed “Fiesta Day”, the reality-weary lunch lady explores her romantic, Spanish-themed fantasies.
-THE FREAK (ST. GEORGE) by Eric Ehn (0-1 M, 2-4 W). The play is about a smart girl who is born with wings that get removed in a dream turned reality with St. George. She goes on to become a teacher liberating the wings of others. Play will incorporate puppetry and mask.
-HUMPY by Krissa Woiwood (3-4 M, 2-3 W, 1-7 Ensemble Members). Richard III in 10 minutes.
-I DEFENDED YOU by Joseph Dougherty (2 – 6 people, flexible casting). Pair of buddies (or 3 pairs) discuss the incident in which one friend defended the other’s honor.
-LET US GO OUT INTO THE STARRY NIGHT, by John Patrick Shanley (1 M, 1 W). A skinny woman in a cafe is approached by a haunted young man who reminds her of Dostoevsky. They have an intensely serious conversation which temporarily transports them into an ecstatic spot among the stars.
-THE MAN WHO COULDN'T DANCE by Jason Katims (1 M, 1W). Past lovers meet up again at a game night and examine their life intersections.
-MEDEA, by Christopher Durang (2 M, 4 W). Medea and her chorus of three women try to figure out if it's appropriate to kill your children just to punish your husband.
-SURE THING by David Ives (1 M, 1 W). A hilarious examination of the endless variations of boy meets girl and the ensuing pick up lines.
-VARIATIONS ON THE DEATH OF TROTSKY by David Ives (2 M, 1 W). The Marxist revolutionary, Leon Trotsky, tries to cope with an axe he discovers embedded in his own head.
-WEDDING DUET, by Lauren Wilson (1 M, 1 W). A bride and groom encounter the first rocky elements of their marriage as they attempt to cross the threshold of their honeymoon suite.

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