March 26, 2009

From the Cast of Spinning Into Butter

Check out some pictures and cast reflections from our latest production, Spinning Into Butter.

“It was great to get to work on an intimate, realistic show. So often we get caught up in the ‘TA-DA!’ of broad comedies and musicals. Working with the close group of dedicated peers was rewarding personally and educationally.” Ryan Clemens (Burton Strauss)

“As my first attempt at realism on the Regent mainstage, Spinning Into Butter was an exhilarating experience. I was able to sink my teeth into material that was not only challenging for me as an actor, but challenging for me as a person, as it made me examine my own heart. It was also a wonderful experience working with such small cast on a meaningful show, the bonds made in the production will not soon be broken. Spinning forced me relax, breath and just be.” Rob Arbaugh (Ross Collins)

“I didn't expect the moment [in the show] that moves me the most, which came at the very end—the stumbling Sarah trying to get to know Simon. It inspires me to do the same. I often feel like withdrawing when facing people I don't know as well due to lack of words. Since I've been involved in this play I have started to step out more, try to ‘dialogue’ and communicate more. Actually, I can sense this happening in the entire cast. If we're to imitate Christ in how he cares for people, the first step is getting to know people, with a desire of really wanting to know them.” Shinn-Rong Chung (Mr. Meyers)

“This experience really proved to me how much the faculty cares about putting on challenging work as well as work that forces actors to really stay true to their characters. I felt I explored a side of my craft that had been sitting way back in the closet that needed some dusting off only to be worn new again. I was truly appreciative as an artist to go on stage night after night and simply given the opportunity to just be in the moment!” Anna Koehler (Catherine Kenny)

“As a first year MFA in Acting candidate, Spinning Into Butter was the perfect show for me to be able to apply what I’m presently learning. Even though the journey was a challenge at times, it was ultimately fulfilling to see the work that I’ve invested in my classes being applied practically in a production.” Joseph Martinez (Patrick Chibas)

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