January 15, 2010

Upcoming Auditions for Regent’s MFA Program

The spring semester is underway and very soon our professors will be on the road, auditioning actors from all over the country for our next MFA Acting class. This year, auditions will be held at 5 locations:

Jan 22-23, 2010 – Texas Ed. Theatre Assoc., Hyatt Regency, Dallas, TX
Jan 31-Feb 1
– Midwest Auditions, Palmer House Hilton, Chicago, IL
Feb 27, 2010 –Vanguard University, Los Angeles, CA
March 5-6, 2010 – SETC Spring Convention, Lexington, KY
March 12
, 2010 –Preview Weekend, Regent Univ., Virginia Beach, VA

To schedule an audition at any of these sites, contact Jennifer Martin at 757-352-4228 or email auditions@regent.edu. Click here for audition requirements.

What’s it like to audition for Regent’s MFA Acting program? We like to think we have an edge up on other auditions. When asking some current students to describe what their audition experience for Regent was like, we got an overwhelming response! Read on!

“I had never heard of Regent before, but when I was in Chicago for the URTAs and noticed Regent was auditioning in the same hotel, I was immediately impressed by Eric's friendliness and warmth. He was very attentive as well as professional. I soon realized that not only was this a high quality program committed to an excellent MFA education, but also that if the rest of the people at this university were anything like Eric, they were real and down-to-earth, and truly cared about you and your future.” -Katie Cheely, 3rd year MFA student

“My audition for Regent was like a breath of fresh air. URTAs had been expensive and stressful. Mark came in to my audition in California, treated me like a human, not a number, and we talked like human beings. I felt like I was doing my audition for someone who already believed in me and what I could do.” -Jeff Fazakerley, 1st year MFA student

“My audition for Eric Harrell in Chicago was the only grad school audition where I walked in and felt completely comfortable. Upon walking through the door, I immediately knew that Regent was a school where the professors both cared about their students and wanted them to excel. The rest of that audition and my three years at Regent have proved that theory to be true.” -Rob Arbaugh, 3rd year MFA student

“When I came to the Spring Preview Weekend at Regent to audition for the MFA program, I was incredibly nervous! I had little reason to worry though, as the professors were extremely welcoming and friendly. They didn’t just shuffle people through the stereotypical cattle call; they actually took the time to see how I responded to direction, even going so far as to provide me with the opportunity to experiment with stretching my range on one of my selected pieces. They even listened to my story about how God had led me to Regent. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a better experience during an audition!” -Zachary L. Bortot, 1st year MFA student

“What I loved about my audition was that the door opened right before I knocked because Eric was expecting me! It was probably one of the most comfortable audition experiences because I didn't feel like I was being put under a microscope; instead it was one person genuinely getting to know me through my creative talents.” -Anna Koehler, 3rd year MFA student

“I auditioned for Regent in Chicago last year, and what was scheduled to have been a twenty-minute appointment morphed into an hour-and-fifteen-minutes, as Eric graciously talked with me through his own scheduled lunch hour. My first surprise came when he actually took time to work my audition piece, not once but two or three times, to document not only my current capabilities but my ability to take direction. Our conversation remained customized to my personal goals and ambitions as an older, non-traditional student, and Eric answered my many questions and concerns with care, understanding, and an obviously thorough regard for what Regent would and would not offer me personally.” -Mike Salsbury, 1st year MFA student

“I can tell you that the reason I chose Regent was in large part because of my audition experience. I auditioned for a number of MFA programs, but in the Regent audition I met someone unique: a faculty member who took an honest interest in me and my ambitions. It was that genuine kindness and connection that got me thinking about Regent, and its that same spirit that has made my years here extraordinary.” –Ryan Clemens, 3rd year MFA student

“Right from the start I knew that auditioning for Regent University was different than any other institution. The process was comfortable, I felt like they truly cared about my audition, and Prof. Harrell seemed so incredibly passionate about Regent's unique mission that it instantly made me want to be a part of it. Once I was accepted I have never looked back. Regent University's MFA program is incredibly well-rounded and challenges you to live up to your highest potential as a theatre artist. The professors here truly care about each individual from the moment they audition to far beyond graduation.” –Britain Willcock, 1st year MFA student

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