September 23, 2011

Great Review for Beau Jest!

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The Regent Theatre Company lights up the stage once again!

By: Paul Baker

Opening night for Regent’s delightful comedy, Beau Jest was a sight to behold. Not a seat in the small, studio theatre was empty. If you didn’t get your tickets early, you were bound to miss out. Although the set was simple–a dining room table with six chairs and a sofa, the circular stadium seating made you feel as if you were sitting at the table with the actors – right in the middle of a hilarious romp that will keep you laughing in utter hysteria!

Whitney Rappana, brought down the house as Sarah Goldman, a young Jewish woman who tries to avoid her mother’s ploy to fix her up with “nice Jewish boys.” She hires an actor to play the perfect Jewish boyfriend at the family dinner table.

There’s only one problem. He’s not Jewish! Sarah’s real boyfriend, Kris Kringle, played by Chris Bookless, does not carry one Jewish bone in his body. And Jeff Fazakerley’s riotous portrayal of the stand-in actor beau, Bob, will leave you gasping for breath from his hysterical attempts to be Jewish enough for Sarah’s parents.

Beau Jest just gets funnier as the story continues to unfold. You cannot help but laugh from Amy Dunlap’s flawless portrayal of Miriam, the annoyingly perfect Jewish mother, or Michael McLendon’s hilarious rendering of Abe, the stubborn Jewish dad. Even Andrew Wilson lit up the stage, playing Joel, the intelligent but somewhat oblivious brother.

Each scene builds as Sarah eventually falls in love with Bob, the actor–whose lack of Jewishness gradually unravels before her family. By the end of the play everybody wants to know “What are you going to do Sarah?”

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Beau Jest is one family dinner you don’t want to miss! You will find yourself rolling in your seat and wiping tears from your eyes at the same time.

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