November 4, 2011

Alumni Update: Kevin Stidham

Kevin Stidham, MFA '09
Kevin Stidham graduated from Regent's MFA program in 2009, and currently lives in LA with his wife, Amy. For any actors considering moving to LA, Kevin stresses the importance of using and He says he uses both of these sites everyday to check the breakdowns that are listed to the public and to submit himself for things he's right for. Using these sites led to the booking of Kevin's first  play, The Hasty Heart. Shortly after that, he booked a second play, War at Theatre Banshee. From that play, he was invited to join their theatre company. Since then he has performed The Crucible and The Walworth Farce with Theatre Banshee.

Kevin has also done some "extras" work, including becoming a photo double on the FOX show Bones. This is his second full season doubling for actor T.J. Thyne. Basically, all the "inserted shots" of his hands, shoes, shoulders and elbows....that's Kevin.

Kevin recently finished a run of his first Equity production, Honus & Me, just outside of LA.  Here's a link to a review of the production,where critic Kim Kautzer states, "As the play opens, we take an immediate liking to the fresh-faced, wide-eyed underdog Joey Stoshack, played by Kevin Stidham."

Kevin says, "Good theatre is alive in LA, you just have to seek it out.  It's been almost two and a half years since my wife and I moved here and I can report that all steps...small, though they may be....have been in a positive direction."

Kevin Stidham as Joey Stoshack
 in Honus and Me

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