December 7, 2011

Until I Return - Fall Lab Show opens Friday!

Until I Return, an original dramatic one-act play, is based on the true story of Helga and Clara Estby.  These two remarkable women walked across America in 1896 in an attempt to win $10,000.  The story was adapted from the book Bold Spirit, by permission of the author, Linda Lawrence Hunt.

"Desperate. Determined. Unwaveringly confident. In 1896, a Norwegian immigrant named Helga Estby dares to cross 3500 miles of the American continent to win a $10,000 wager. On Foot.

A mother of eight living children, she attempts to save her family's homestead in Eastern Washington after the 1893 depression had ravaged the American economy. Fearing homelessness and family poverty, Helga responds to a wager from a mysterious sponsor, casts off the cultural corsets of Victorian femininity, and gambles her family's future by striking out with her eldest daughter to try to be the first women to travel unescorted across the country: independent, audacious, alert, and armed with a Smith-and-Wesson revolver."  (From Bold Spirit website.  For more information, check out

Written by MFA Amy Dunlap, and directed by MFA Whitney Rappana, Until I Return is an inspiring and challenging story suitable for the entire family. 

Performances will take place in Regent's Theater 128 Lab space on Friday December 9th and Saturday December 10th at 7:30pm and Sunday December 11th at 2:30pm.  Admission is FREE but space is limited. 

MFA Kristi Meyers plays Helga, MFA Michael McLendon plays her husband Ole, B.A. Sarah Grice plays daughter Clara, and MA John Scritchfield plays all the other male characters in the story.
Don't miss this opportunity to see the debut performance of an original work by Regent students!

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