March 28, 2013

Diana Coates (MFA Acting 2012) gets rave reviews in Chicago production of Julius Caesar!

Diana Coates as Antony in Chicago-based Babes With Blades production of Julius Caesar.
 "Diana Coates is simply riveting as Antony, the slain Caeser's friend who delivers the famous speech ("Friends, Romans, countrymen") with repressed rage and disdain. It's a performance that makes me excited to see what's next for this articulate young artist."

“All one really requires are performers who understand and convey the words put down from them, form their characters hearts to ours. Coates’s Anthony is one of the wiliest I’ve ever seen. For a soldier routinely dismissed as simple, Anthony takes great pride in the cunning with which she makes the people and patricians dance to her tune. Coates rage, tempered to steely revenge is terrifying to behold (in the best way possible) and we almost expect her to heavily tread heavily upon her enemies corpses whilst she sings their praises.”

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