February 4, 2014

The Show Must Go On!

Last week, Virginia Beach got hit by what Regent students are fondly referring to as "The Snow-pocalypse of 2014."  The school closed for two days and much frolicking in the fluffy white flakes ensued, but even the snow couldn't stop our avid theatre-goers from risking life and limb to see William Nicholson's Shadowlands.

One might think that, with the University closed, many patrons would want to stay indoors and not risk the roads and freezing temperatures to see a lesser-known play (let's face it, we're a beach town), but as usual, our patrons surprised us in the best possible way.  According to the house manager, Sarah Grice, 132 patrons filled the seats in the Studio Theater on Thursday . . . far more than expected or anticipated.  "At one point, we were so busy that a fellow off-duty house manager who was seeing the show that night got up and helped seat patrons" said Sarah.

Upon leaving the theater, patrons were noticeably touched by the brilliantly told story.  Brandy Caldwell, a Regent alumnus who was visiting from New York for the express purpose of seeing the show, had tickets for both the Thursday and Friday night performances.  After seeing it for the second time on Friday she shared "I'm so glad I was able to see it twice.  There is so much loveliness to take in; you just don't notice it all the first time."

Special thanks to Dr. Michael Kirkland for his time and effort and to Dr. Robertson for making special provision for the show to go on!

Regent during Leon.  Photo credit: Josiah Blizzard.

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