January 19, 2012

Jennifer Martin accepts new job at Studio Center

Jennifer Martin (MFA ’08) has recently accepted a position at Studio Center as the On-Camera Talent Director. Since graduating from Regent with an MFA in Acting, Jennifer has worked in professional theatre in California, Indiana, Massachusetts and Virginia. She and her husband Derek Martin (Head of Regent’s Undergraduate Theatre program) recently established Americana Theatre Company, a professional summer theatre in Plymouth, Mass.

Studio Center, which is just a few miles from Regent’s campus in Virginia Beach, is the largest, fastest growing production company of its kind in the area, and one of the first production studios to specialize in broadcast advertising. A number of Regent students have had opportunities to audition for and work with Studio Center over the last several years. Chad Rasor (MFA ’10) has done voiceover work in markets like Jacksonville, Fla., where he is the primary voice for the Jacksonville Zoo. He has also provided voice for several other commercial spots. Other students and alumni have booked on-camera commercials with Studio Center. Ryan Clemens (MFA ’10) has filmed ads for auto sales, bath fixtures, and a Virginia Lottery commercial that ran statewide. Jeff Fazakerley (’12) has filmed two commercials and also booked a live appearance at a local event. Other Regent students and alums who have booked work through Studio Center are Kaja Dunn (MFA ’10), Brittany Baird, Ashley Dakin, Mike Salsbury and Andrew Wilson.

As the new On-Camera Talent Director, Jennifer’s responsibilities include recruiting new talent, submitting actors for projects, negotiating wages, taping and coaching auditions, and booking new projects. She acts as a talent agent, casting director and salesperson, which may sound daunting, but Jennifer says, “…as Studio Center is highly professional and very organized, this is easy to do. The reasons why people should use Studio Center are apparent…from our super talented actors (including Regent students) to our hassle-free service.”

Jennifer’s advice for current students is to keep your eye on the future, even while you are still in school. She states, “Actors are fabulous at being in the moment…this is a blessing and a curse. The MFA program is so wonderfully demanding that it is very easy to make it your whole world for three years. But how will they open up employment in the future if they are only focused on the present? Students must discipline themselves to be future-minded. A gainfully employed actor will possess the skill to balance being in the moment and chasing opportunities for the future…Audition everywhere and look for the open door. Every Regent MFA student should step foot on campus thinking ‘what’s next?’ Dream big and do the work.”

There are many Regent students who have auditioned for Studio Center multiple times but have never booked a job. It can be easy to grow discouraged when this happens. MFA Jeff Fazakerley suggests viewing each audition as an opportunity to practice your audition skill-set, and that if a booking happens to view it as a lovely surprise.

Jennifer adds, “The people that book are SUPER prepared. They have rehearsed over and over…I would say prepare like you are performing, not auditioning…Your agent will learn to trust you and when they can cast projects themselves, they will remember you and book you.”

To contact Studio Center, call (757) 286-3080 or email Jennifer at Jennifer@studiocenter.com

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